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Bob, I have found you to be a source of well being. You guided me through this in such a way as to reduce stress and anxiety. Sad that original counsel passed away at such an early stage in life, but your attention to this matter, I don’t believe, could not have been handled any better. - Susan B.

Bob thanks to you are your brother for guiding us through this process and coming out with such a successful result. - Timothy P.

There’s nothing like working with a family team. You get sucked into the comfort that the partners have with each other. From the start I realized that I could talk opening and just down to earth with either partner, and that is the sense of security that made me relax during my case. - Elaine F.

I didn’t know my case was as big as it was. I just wanted to make it known how I had been wronged by my abuser. Getting a multimillion dollar payday for my troubles years ago is the biggest surprise that no one could have expected. They can see things that no one can. - Destiny J.

When people talk about lawyers, I talk about mine. Rob and Tom are always a cell phone call away to answer the questions you need answered. It’s one thing to call a reception desk, it’s another to be able to, in this day and time, call a lawyer in the evening when you are stressed about your case, and actually get an answer! - William T.