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Child Abuse Cases

Child Abuse Lawyers in New York

In a large diverse city, such as New York City, child abuse is a major problem, but the laws make it extremely difficult to prove. Fortunately, the New York law group of Harnick and Harnick are willing to become advocates for those young individuals who cannot speak for themselves. Pursuing a child abuse law case is different from filing an auto accident case or a typical slip and fall injury case. Child abuse cases in New York require unique experts and investigative techniques.

Also, there are extensive confidentiality issues specific to these types of child abuse cases. A personal injury attorney cannot deal with these distinct issues. Here in New York, the child abuse lawyers at Harnick and Harnick apply their skill and experience to each child abuse case. Nothing can erase the damage that’s been done to these abused children, but a financial reward can help to compensate these children and their families.

p tabindex="13">There are very few child abuse lawyers in New York City, but with the experience that Harnick and Harnick have, justice can be served for those most vulnerable children. The child abuse lawyers at Harnick and Harnick will work hard to win the largest settlements possible for these children and families.

A lawyer must work around the many obstacles involved with a child abuse case. The abused children are often very young and extremely frightened to face their abusers. Frequently, there are very few witnesses to these crimes and an experienced team is needed to investigate these charges. Physical symptoms can prove criminal charges, but it takes a good child abuse lawyer to receive the entitled monetary damages. It becomes very difficul>

Other situations such as: failure to provide a safe environment or being around unsafe individuals (these may be children or adults) are also difficult to prove. Many times, the actual abuser does not have insurance and there often isn't money or assets to collect from them. In almost all cases, it is the organization hired to oversee the child's well being that is responsible due to their failure to properly care for these children.

Child abuse can occur in many different situations and environments. There are cases involving members of the clergy, children living in foster homes, and residential treatment facilities. Another example would be abuse that occurs at day care facilities or public schools. The abuser may just be an employee who has no means to provide a settlement. In almost all cases, it is the organization that is overseeing the child's caregivers that is ultimately responsible for the child's well being. New York's best child abuse attorneys, Harnick and Harnick know how to dig deeply into every case>

Many New York child abuse cases are so heinous, that the children affected are often entitled to significant monetary awards. Harnick and Harnick are not typical New York injury attorneys looking for quick settlements, they will work hard to achieve the settlement the child deserves. In today's hectic world, many New York City attorneys are overrun with negligence cases. Extensive research and investigation >

The experienced New York child abuse lawyers at Harnick and Harnick treat all New York child abuse cases with the utmost confidentiality. At Harnick >

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