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We are Foster Care Lawyers for New York State

Foster Care Lawyers for New York State

Family foster care is an important part of the child welfare system. In New York State, approximately 26,000 children are placed in foster care each year. These are children who must live apart from their parents for a temporary period of time. They may have been placed in foster care because of physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse or other threatening situations. A child may be removed from their family's home and placed in a foster home, a relative's home, group home, residential facility or an emergency shelter. We hope that these temporary "homes" are safe and nurturing. However, some of these children are mistreated in these New York foster care homes and are abused and neglected.

The compassionate attorneys at the law firm of Harnick and Harnick, believe that every foster care child is entitled to be in a safe environment. Each year, thousands of cases of New York foster care abuse are reported and investigated and unfortunately, thousands of abuse cases go unreported. Our skilled foster care abuse attorneys feel that these abused foster care children deserve to be compensated for their mental and physical abuse. The New York foster care abuse attorneys at Harnick and Harnick concentrate on all types of child abuse cases and work hard to preserve these children's rights.

All too frequently, a New York state foster child is placed in a foster home or other care facility where they are the victims of abuse and neglect. Many New York foster care children have suffered severe injuries while under the care and protection of the foster care system. These severe injuries and abuses can result in permanent disabilities or the death of an innocent child. This abuse may come from the foster parents, other family members or other foster care children in that household.
Foster care abuse may come in many forms, some examples are:

  • Neglect
  • Threat of harm
  • Physical abuse and injury
  • Sexual abuse
  • Mental abuse

The most common forms of foster care abuse are physical abuse and physical neglect. Children abused in the foster care system often suffer from serious physical injuries and long-term mental and emotional injuries. The child abuse attorneys at the law firm of Harnick and Harnick will represent children in New York who have been the victims of foster care abuse. Our experienced New York attorneys will take legal action against the person or agency whose negligence has caused or contributed to a child's injuries.

If you are the natural parent or legal guardian of a foster care child being abused, please contact our foster care abuse attorneys at Harnick and Harnick. Our foster care abuse attorneys are committed to representing these abused children and preserving their legal rights. Here at the New York law firm of Harnick and Harnick, we will take legal action against those who have committed this abuse and seek compensation for the physical, mental and emotional damage that has been caused.

All cases are handled on a contingency basis. Our clients only pay a fee if we are successful in obtaining compensation in their foster care abuse case.

Case expenses are advanced by Harnick and Harnick and are reimbursed by the client at the conclusion of the case.

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