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Bullying in New York

Bullying in the New York area is a serious problem in our schools. School bullying has been in the news a lot lately. In a school in Massachusetts an Irish immigrant girl was so badly bullied that she was driven to suicide. The girl had been subject to a barrage of assaults, threats, and taunting for months. As a result a local district attorney has brought charges against 9 fellow students for crimes that led to the suicide, including stalking, criminal harassment and violation of civil rights.

Here in New York State, schools have a responsibility to students, at least while they are at school, to prevent students from harming each other. This would include preventing students from injuring each other through horseplay and accidents, but also preventing students from intentionally harming other student through assaults, harassment or bullying. Teachers and administrators cannot stand by while some students assault, harass, threaten, taunt or bully others. Schools have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to make schools safe for their students. A school should have rules in place to deal with bullying , if a school does not have such rules in place, or if it fails to follow the rules, a student-victim can bring suit against the school based on negligent supervision.

If your child has been bullied please call Harnick and Harnick for a free consultation and will advise you as to what can be done.


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